no more chasing outstanding invoices

Instead of WAITING and WAITING and WAITING to get paid for your work, add clixWM to your workflow process and be confident your work is protected while you collaborate with your project. It’s simple for your client. You work with them to achieve the results they want and during that time, they can review PDF documents with a tamper-proof watermark during the revision process.

When the client finally approves your work, you email them a bill with a link to payclix®. You and your client will be notified once the payment is processed. With a single click, the watermark is removed and the final document is sent to the client.

For your client, the process is fast and convenient. For you, it eliminates the costs, delays and risks of conventional billing.

The CLIXWM Workflow

See how clixWM saves time and encourages prompt payment as the Professional Service Provider (PSP) collaborates with a client on a project

upload your document

To start a CLIENT project, upload in MS Office or PDF, PNG, JPG format.

select a watermark

Your can choose to add one of our watermarks or create a custom watermark with your personal logo. Any revisions to the document will have the same watermark applied.

collaborate with your client

The PSP shares the watermarked PDF with the CLIENT to review and make revisions. The PSP makes changes to the original file and uses clixWM to send an updated watermarked PDF to the CLIENT.

client approves document

Finally... the CLIENT can’t suggest any further changes. The CLIENT approves the document.

client submits payment

An invoice to the CLIENT. The CLIENT pays the invoice using Payclix®. Payclix® has few restrictions on the amounts or number of transactions that can be be processed

when the payment is received, the watermark is removed from the document

The CLIENT now owns the document.

WHAT IS payclix ?

Payclix® is the fastest, easiest and most secure way to send payments online. It's also the ONLY payment processor that allows you to accept or reject incoming payments. We’ve processed more than $1.6B in online payments since we began in 2004.

If you're NOT a payclix merchant

Then, sign up add clixWM for free!



You retain absolute control over your work product until you are paid. clixWM files are built using proprietary technology that embeds a watermark in a document that only the file owner can remove.

payment options

clixWM can process all types of payments. Your clients’ preferred payment methods are securely stored for future charges or recurring payments. All payments can be tracked with a full digital audit trail.


clixWM is secure and fully compliant with PCI CSC (Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council) specifications.

All clixWM files are encrypted using AES-256 to secure and protect your data.


Make Customers Happy Deliver a superior customer experience by providing them the ability pay their bill and take possession of your work product from almost anywhere in the world.
Get Paid Faster Don’t wait until it’s too late. Accelerate your cash flow and eliminate your accounts receivable.
Lower Your Costs Avoid the costs, errors, and time associated with the manual collection of outstanding accounts.

clixWM is a free enhancement to payclix® merchants who want to maintain control of their intellectual property until payment is received for their professional services. ClixWM's selection of tamper-proof watermarks gives you the ability to maintain control over any document shared with the client until payment is received.